Tips for breastfeeding

Prepare and inform yourself: Watch a baby breastfeeding , Go to a support meeting before you have your baby,  Learn about breastfeeding before you give birth,  there is still lots to learn afterwards , get a headstart!

Its better not to apply  lotions and potions onto the nipples  in pregnancy – Don’t prepare your nipples with lanolin or oils , you will reduce the natural oils your body is making to prepare you for breastfeeding .

Recognising Hunger Cues: Learn about early and late hunger cues, it makes a big difference to peaceful feeds in the early days.

Newborns breastfeed more at night than during the day. Claim back your sleep in the mornings , don’t get up til lunchtime !

Tummy Size of the newborn – its tiny , the size of a grape . It needs regular filling and empties quickly .

Dads teach their babies that there is more to love than food…….. and that there is a world outside of  mum .  They are also great at technical support .

Get SUPPORT, know where your local supports are  …there’s a solution to most problems

Breastfeeding is a great confidence booster! – Your breasts  can sustain a human life… on you alone. What an amazing achievement! Now surely that’s truly something… to celebrate.


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