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twins antenatal breastfeeding class

Twins Antenatal Prep

Learn all about building milk supply for twins and establishing breastfeeding.

How does tandem feeding work? What pillows might be suitable? Which breast pump will you need? What are the common issues parents of twins experience when establishing breastfeeding and what help is available?

This prep offers a 45 min online one to one with Nicola and access to an online twins breastfeeding class. We will go through your questions and discuss how your family needs to prepare for breastfeeding your twins.

“I feel so much more prepared now after the class and making a plan with Nicola.“

Topics covered:

Cost - €160

“Highly recommend this breastfeeding prep for twins. I found the resources Nicola sent to us afterwards so helpful and realistic. It was also great to get personal recommendations for doulas and night nurses should we need them.”

Do you have worries or concerns not covered in my classes?

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