Online pumping masterclass

Pumping Masterclass

Master the art of pumping!

This 1.5 hour  live online session covers all the secrets to pumping – the things you only find out after you’ve bought the wrong pump and can’t understand why you’re not getting “more” milk.

Topics we’ll discuss include:

This course can also be taken if you are still pregnant to help you make the right choices for when your baby is born. If you are having your first baby, I would recommend attending my Breastfeeding Prep class first.

Cost €55

Including a recording of the class which you can view for a limited time and access to lots of other pumping resources and guidance. 

“I feel much more empowered to take on pumping now after all your recommendations and tips - I was completely overthinking it! It’s hard to find a IBCLC who provides practical information catered for real life and really liked your laidback approach demystifying the topic.”

Do you have worries or concerns not covered in my classes?

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