online breastfeeding and weaning class

Boob and Food

Balancing breastfeeds and solid food for your baby

Delivered by Cathy Monaghan MSc, H.Dip, RD & Nicola O’Byrne IBCLC.

In this 2 hour live webinar we will cover everything you need to know to continue breastfeeding while immersing your baby in the wonderful world of solid food.
As it is live, you will have the opportunity to ask all the questions that matter to you.

What other parents have said

“I’m throwing out the cookbooks! I know what I want my baby to eat – just the same food we eat.”

“An incredibly useful class. I thought I had found all the information I needed for weaning but found I had not once the class started! The session gave me all the answers and confidence I need to continue with weaning. Thank you both for the practical advice and for pitching the session/ tone perfectly.”

“I was thinking of starting to wean BF to prepare for going back to work. I now feel confident that I can balance both and continue for much longer. Thank you both for this webinar, I actually feel slightly emotional that I’II be able to carry on for longer than I thought.”

Cost - €67

“Thank you so much for the confidence and support your classes gave me. Despite two bouts of mastitis, breastfeeding was a magical experience. Thanks for all you do for us mamas! ”

Do you have worries or concerns not covered in my classes?

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