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Online Classes

Online Classes

Build your breastfeeding confidence with practical, realistic advice and support delivered through live online classes. 

Perfect for if you’re a first-time parent or want a refresher.

If you’re currently pregnant

Breastfeeding Prep Class

Feel prepared for the start of your journey as you move from pregnancy to establishing breastfeeding.

During this 3 hour live online session, we’ll cover everything you need to know including:

Most importantly, I make sure you know where you can go for help if it’s all going wrong and how your partners can best support you. I would encourage them to come to the class as well. 

Cost - €80

Includes a PDF booklet, access to extra video content, and tonnes of encouragement!

(This cost can be claimed back through most health insurance.)

“I would 100% recommend this course to anyone who hopes to breastfeed for the first time or even anyone who had previously breastfed and wants to learn more. My whole experience has been incredibly positive and I have Nicola to thank for that”

Feel like you need more personalised support?

You can also book a private clinic consult  with me before your baby is born. This is especially useful if you’ve experienced problems breastfeeding in the past. 

Cost - €160

This consult must be booked before the birth of your baby. 

If you’ve already had your baby

Pumping Masterclass

Master the art of pumping!

This 2-hour live online session covers all the secrets to pumping – the things you only find out after you’ve bought the wrong pump and can’t understand why you’re not getting “more” milk!

Topics we’ll discuss include:

This course can also be taken if you are still pregnant to help you make the right choices for when your baby is born. If you are having your first baby, I would recommend attending my Breastfeeding Prep class first.

Cost - €57

Including a recording of the class which you can view for a month and access to lots of other pumping resources and guidance.

Stopping Breastfeeding With Gentle Confidence

Join me online for my new class on 18th January 2023 . This is a gentle guide to stopping breastfeeding.  If you are not ready yet you can still take the course now, its a preparation and will calm the  understandable anxiety around it. 

This updated version includes Nicola’s Guide to night weaning . 

How to Stop Breastfeeding With Gentle Confidence 

  • A guide to reducing breastfeeding or stopping completely.  
  • This is a 2 hour online live workshop followed by Q+A . 
  • You will also get a workbook to fill in your own plan and memories. 
  • Fully recorded and replay available for 6 weeks. . 

COST - €57

“Thank you so much for the confidence and support your classes gave me. Despite two bouts of mastitis, breastfeeding was a magical experience. Thanks for all you do for us mamas! 

Do you have worries or concerns not covered in my classes?

Why not book an online 1:1 lactation consultancy with me?