Achieve your own breastfeeding goals with personalised, compassionate lactation support delivered online or in person. Just you and your baby, me and whoever else you’d like there with you.

Breastfeeding can be really hard but you don’t need to feel alone. My consultations are a safe, respectful space to help you work through specific concerns which may be impacting your breastfeeding journey.

I use my professional experience as a lactation consultant and former paediatric nurse, as well as my journey as a mother of 5 children, to guide you through a sea of information, building your confidence that all is well and helping you make the right choices for your family.

Reasons you may want to book a consultation:

Cost - Office €175 (Dublin 14)
Online €160

“An absolutely lovely woman, so supportive and so unbelievably knowledgeable in her field. Best money I ever spent was booking a consultation before my daughters birth.

I am so thankful to have made it to our breastfeeding goals thanks to Nicola”

Would you like to join an online class to prep you for breastfeeding or help you master pumping?