Breastfeeding Prep Class (Online)

Breastfeeding classes are held online via live link.  If you  want to learn about breastfeeding before your baby’s birth this is the way to do it!  This might be your first baby or maybe breastfeeding was difficult before and you want to know what went wrong…

Attending  the class will build your confidence and hopefully you will no longer feel that breastfeeding is such a difficult thing to do. List of topics covered below and everyone attending has the opportunity to ask private questions too.

You are welcome to attend at any stage in your pregnancy – some  like to wait until near the end, others prefer getting the information earlier!

Saturday 25th September 2021 10am-1.30pm

Saturday 16th October 2021 10am-1.30pm

Saturday 6th November 2021 10am-1.30pm

Saturday 27th November 2021 10am-1.30pm

Fee €80.00 . Included in the class: booklet (posted prior to class)  and  a bucket loads of encouragement! Receipt for health insurance also emailed.

When you book there is an option to book an antenatal expressing pack ( reduced rate for class attendees) Also you can book a single 45 min session with me, if you want to go through your specific situation . Sometimes mothers who had a low supply or a lot of pain with their previous birth like to avail of this option too. This must be taken pre birth.

The class is suitable for 1st timer mothers or those who feel they need a refresher for another baby or that  maybe were not happy with their previous breastfeeding experience.  *Partners/Dads  are most welcome and encouraged to attend.  You must be pregnant to attend, I provide professional training days for doulas, midwives etc..

We cover lots of topics in the class such as :

  • How to prepare for breastfeeding.
  • Easy ways to latch, how to recognise a good latch.
  • How often you should feed the baby in the early weeks.
  • How to know your baby is thriving with breastfeeding.
  • Potential problems and pitfalls in the early days.
  • If you want to express milk, when to start and which are the best breast pumps .
  • What you should eat, can you drink alcohol, medications.
  • Where to get help and support in your local area.

You will also get a comprehensive booklet with extra info not covered in the class. This is posted in advance of class to Ireland and United Kingdom attendees. Other locations receive a PDF file.

Here is feedback from the online live breastfeeding classes during  2020/21

“I have attended both your in person class and now the online one too and must say the online one was just as fantastic! Obviously, it is always lovely to be present in a room with someone and see everyone face to face etc and while this cannot be recreated exactly online, you created such a lovely, relaxed atmosphere in the class today and everybody felt comfortable asking any questions they had. I also feel that I was really able to take in all the info easily, it was presented really clearly and at a great pace. “

Nicola was fantastic, so personable, so knowledgeable, made all of the information so accessible, the booklet is so professional, it was just brilliant, thank you.

Fantastic your class was so empowering for me on my first baby.

Thank you for a great class Nicola, it  makes me feel so much  more confident facing into breastfeeding this time around !

You can book now or read more information below …

Receipts are posted with class booklet for health reinsurance reimbursal.

Each class is live and not recorded. You will get links, resources and prerecorded  videos after the class to remind you of all the tips covered in the class.

Cancellations –  you may cancel your place up to 72 hours pre class start. Class payments may not be used in lieu of consults postnatally.


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