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Vasospasm – Raynaud’s: What You Need to Know about the Effect on Breastfeeding

  As we settle into a very cold winter here in Ireland, I’m finding more and more clients are reporting nipple pain that is unrelated to latching problems. Generally, when I’m taking their history, I ask whether they have noticed any colour changes in the nipple. If the mother says yes, that prompts me to […]

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Pumping before baby is 6 weeks old?

Dear Nicola I’m wondering if you can help? My baby is 4 weeks old and not back at birth weight. I’ve been feeding her non stop, sometimes I have to wake her up  and also  my breasts seem softer this week. Is that normal? Kind regards xxx ________________________________________________________________________ I frequently get queries like this from […]

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Low Milk Supply – Teaching Day

What is true Low Milk Supply? What is the difference between a poor start to breastfeeding and low milk supply? There is much sensationalism in the media these days about infant weight loss and breastfeeding. Learn the facts so you can educate others.   What will be covered? Topics covered include how milk supply is […]

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Breastfeeding a Baby with Type 1 Diabetes.

This was sent to me by Caoimhe who is mum to Lorcan who has type 1 diabetes . The support and information for parents and professionals about breastfeeding a baby who has diabetes is very poor, as you will see in the piece below . Lorcan has just weaned in the last few weeks at […]

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How to Prepare for Breastfeeding: Top Tips

Here is a piece I wrote for herfamily.ie recently…    Are you thinking about breastfeeding? If so, you might be confused about where to even start. I was. And even when I did feed, I encountered problems. The details of which are for another day. But, with perseverance and some professional help from a Lactation […]

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No… Your Baby Won’t Swallow His Tongue!

I can’t believe I’m writing this post but this needs to be addressed. Today at the tongue tie clinic, I was asked three times by different parents if this was possible? To divide so far back the baby might swallow it’s own tongue…. It is years since I heard this myth being touted by doctors, […]

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Joint Statement on the Upcoming Pregnancy and Baby Fairs

      We, Amanda Glynn IBCLC (www.lactation.ie), Carol Smyth IBCLC (www.carolsmyth.co.uk) and Nicola O’Byrne IBCLC (www.breastfeedingsupport.ie ) have come together to make the following statement re International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLCs) attending non-WHO Code compliant baby fairs. The adoption of and adherence to the International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes is a *minimum* […]

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