Antenatal Expressing Packs

Would you like to collect colostrum before your baby is born? These packs will give you all you need to start plus instructions.

Currently only available to purchase in Ireland or Northern Ireland.

Or click this link if you have pop ups disabled.

If you are booking an online breastfeeding prep class you get a discount for your pack ( €20) click here to book class and select pack in drop down menu.

The Pack consists of

5x 1 ml sterile colostrum syringes with caps

3 x 2.5 ml sterile syringes with caps.

2 snappies colostrum containers ( 11ml volume)

10 syringe labels

Instructions on how , suitability, when to collect , how to collect and store and feed colostrum to your baby.

Link to video on antenatal expressing.

Silicone bag to store frozen colostrum syringes in freezer.

Spoon to collect or feed colostrum to your baby.


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