Breastfeeding consultations can take place in your home or in my office if you live outside my catchment area ( see map below for areas covered) . I also see clients in the Evie suite on Tuesdays.   Fees for consultations vary according to time and distance. I will always inform you of the fee before the visit, its generally between €100-€140. Some health insurance companies provide  reimbursement for IBCLC visits.

Generally a consultation takes between 1.5 to 2 hours. We time the visit around a breastfeed so I can assess your baby’s latching, positioning and feeding.   To enquire or book please text or ring 086-2312679 or email I offer a kind compassionate service which is based around your breastfeeding goals (not mine). At the end of the consult you will get a written plan of what we have changed and my breastfeeding booklet. One visit is generally enough to sort most problems with follow up by phone/email afterwards.

Tongue Tie Assessment and  Referral/ Help with Breastfeeding : I have extensive  professional and personal experience of tongue tie and its impact on breastfeeding . I can assess for all types of tongue tie in babies and if needed  send a referral  to a medical practitioner for division .

Other reasons might you need a visit?

  • Sometimes just for your own confidence to check all is well.
  • Breastfeeding did not go well on a previous baby.
  • You want to understand your baby and breastfeeding more completely.
  • You have health issues such as diabtetes , depression , asthma and are worried about how it might affect breastfeeding.
  • You have inverted nipples , asymmetrical breasts or hypolpasia of the breasts.
  • You have painful sore nipples.
  • You have blocked ducts , mastitis , breast pain while nursing.
  • You baby has trouble latching and comes off the breast during feeds frequently.
  • You suspect your baby might have a tongue tie.
  • You are concerned you do not have enough milk.
  • You have been told to supplement with formula.
  • There are concerns about your babys weight gain (if your baby is not gaining an average 6oz /180 grams per week in the first few months , you may benefit from a consult).
  • You are nursing twins, triplets or more babies.
  • Your baby is born early either preterm or near term ( 35-38 weeks) and you wish to directly breastfeed.
  • You have been told you must wean because of a medication, illness or postnatal depression.
  • You need help picking the breastpump that is right for you and your babys needs. You have questions about bottlefeeding a breastfed baby and storage of breastmilk.
  • You are going baby to work and not sure how to incorporate pumping and breastfeeding into your daily work routine.


Areas covered for Homevisits. If you are outside of these or would prefer an office consult please let me know.


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