Breastfeeding Classes

Breastfeeding classes are held once a month in Dublin.  Coming to the class will build your confidence and you will no longer feel that breastfeeding is such a difficult thing to do.

You are welcome to attend at any stage in your pregnancy – some mothers like to wait until near the end, others prefer getting the information earlier !

 Upcoming classes 2015 . 

     All classes  are in Bewleys Hotel,  Leopardstown, Dublin 18 from 10am-12.30pm (+ 30 mins optional  discussion/quick private chat with Nicola)
  • Friday 15th May 2015    Bewleys Leopardstown 10am-12.30pm  €65  Booking open
  • Friday 19th June 2015 Bewleys Leopardstown 10am-12.30pm    €65   Booking open
  • Saturday 18th July 2015  Bewleys Leopardstown 10am-12.30pm  €65   Booking open
  • Friday 21st August 2015 Bewleys Leopardstown 10am-12.30pm   €65   Booking open
  • Saturday 21st September,2015 Bewleys Leopardstown 10am-12.30pm €65 Booking open
  • Friday 23rd October 2015 ,Bewleys Leopardstown 10am-12.30pm  €65 Booking open
  • check back soon for classes  November -December 2015.

Online Booking   

(1)Email completed Class Booking Form 2015 to and

(2) Complete booking through paypal link below (please put in comments section which class date  you are booking).

    • Bookings accepted up to 24 hours pre class.

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If you prefer to pay by cheque please email Nicola at .

The class is suitable for 1st timer mothers or those who feel they need a refresher for another baby or that  maybe were not happy with their previous breastfeeding experience.  Partners  are most welcome and encouraged to attend (€5 charge payable at the class).

We cover lots of topics in the class such as :

  • How to prepare for breastfeeding.
  • Easy ways to latch, how to recognise a good latch.
  • How often you should feed the baby in the early weeks.
  • How to know your baby is thriving with breastfeeding.
  • Potential problems and pitfalls in the early days.
  • If you want to express milk, when to start and which are the best breastpumps .
  • What you should eat, can you drink alcohol, medications.
  • Where to get help and support in your local area.

You will  also get a comprehensive booklet with extra info not covered in the class.