Help! I’m having a C Section, will I be able to breastfeed?

Maitiú having his first breastfeed in the recovery room . I frequently get emails from mothers who are floored when faced with a change of direction in relation to their baby’s birth. Sometimes, they attend for a routine hospital appointment and are told they will be admitted for a C-Section in the next week. This […]

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Highlights From 2017….

Here we are at New Years Eve 2017. This past year has been remarkable, when I looked back, these are just some of the highlights… Health Care Professional of the Year 2017 So, if I’m picking my favourite, “OMG… I can’t believe it” moment, it has to be,  winning the  Friends of Breastfeeding  2017  Award […]

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Vasospasm – Raynaud’s: What You Need to Know about the Effect on Breastfeeding

  As we settle into a very cold winter here in Ireland, I’m finding more and more clients are reporting nipple pain that is unrelated to latching problems. Generally, when I’m taking their history, I ask whether they have noticed any colour changes in the nipple. If the mother says yes, that prompts me to […]

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About Me


Hello, I’m Nicola O’Byrne, Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), neonatal/paediatric nurse and mother of five. I provide practical help and advice with breastfeeding concerns, immediately after birth or at any stage. I offer my service at your home in South Dublin or if you are outside this area, at Evie Suite 36, Beacon Hall, Sandyford  or my home office.

It can sometimes  be a very anxious time for new parents, getting breastfeeding established, sometimes all that’s needed is a few small changes and lots of encouragement!. Other times professional lactation help is essential and saves a breastfeeding relationship with mother and baby.

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Thank you so much for the really helpful course.I feel ready to breastfeed again! Great to have the refresher. January 2017

It is thanks to you that I was able to continue breastfeeding, no more pain and my son’s weight went up a couple of centiles. He recently turned one, loves his solid food and still breastfeeds a couple of times a day.
So, I just wanted to share our success story and thank you for the wonderful work that you do for mothers and babies.
Ciara. January 2017

I attended a preparation class with Nicola which was brilliant and really helped me to prepare for the initial few weeks of breastfeeding, we had a tough start with my baby having a small tongue tie but after a visit from Nicola to my home and some help with our latch and reassurance from her we were able to continue breastfeeding, her support and advice really made a massive difference to us, I would highly recommend Nicola’s classes and consultations.  Caroline – May 2016



I saw Nicola when my third baby was tongue-tied – she saved us! I’d highly recommend Nicola for anyone with concerns about how breastfeeding is going. She has huge expertise and experience, and is very kind if you can’t fully articulate what is wrong or if you cry on her shoulder too. Andrea – April 2015


I’ve attended Nicolas excellent classes before my babies arrived and they were invaluable, helped me recognise what was normal newborn behaviour and gave me an extra confidence boost to breastfeed !! I’ve also needed a few home visits (baby 2 and 3 were tricky feeders) and Nicola always arrived with her warm smile and relaxing outlook. Always left me with a plan, & feeling back on track . Nicola is amazing !! Fiona -April 2014


E is now over 3 months old and has almost doubled his birth weight exclusively on breastfeeding! I’m thrilled to bits and know for sure I could not have continued for much longer with the pain of the tongue tie when I saw you. Since getting his tongue tie sorted when he was 3 weeks old the breast feeding has gone brilliantly! I’ve recommended you and your class to a few girls but just wanted to say thank you directly!  Emma- June 2011


Just thought I’d let you all know that I had my beautiful baby a week ago. I wanted to breastfeed but was very unsure how it would go. Thankfully, it’s been great & very successful & I put it all down to a breastfeeding class I did before. The midwives were very helpful but their advice can be quite conflicting. I just followed it what I’d learned in the class for latching baby on and it worked. The class I did was was great. Nicola is lovely, the whole atmosphere is very relaxed. C

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